For the Love of Patrick - UK Promotional Tour 2018

My first blog- ever- gave you an insight to what drives us authors to write. It’s a need a hunger, with many more derivatives!

And when we finally write ‘The End’ on our manuscripts; we wait hopefully for it to be taken up by a publisher. Thinking, if so, that will be the end of it and we are able to remain safe in our wombat holes typing out more stories for the publisher, and our readers.

WRONG! When published and exposed to the market, we must travel the long road of promotion. If you are like me, gregarious to say the least, it’s no problem. And to say, whatever I do - I do it boots and all, is also another understatement. I suppose we cannot help who we are and these qualities, or pitfalls, (some may judge) have helped me travel the world to promote my stories.

How lucky I am to have a husband who supports and agrees with my travels. Even if it means his porterhouse steak dinners have to be put on hold and mince is on the menu for a year! Also, to have genuine friends with beautiful souls, who accommodated me while on my promotion tour of the UK. Thank you all. I must also thank my dear friend and travelling companion, Helena Downie, business partner in ‘Past Connections,’ the best Antique shop this side of the Black Stump! Helena’s belief and promotional work on my behalf has earned her the penthouse cabin on my free cruise for all those who have genuinely helped me in anyway get my books out there!

Haha! I’m sure to get volunteers out of that promise!

Now to the picture gallery - with captions. And to end my clichés, a picture paints a thousand words.

Old Mill Pub
First port of call. Val and Bryan Mason, who set up my first book launch, ‘For the Love of Patrick,’ at their local ‘Old Mill Pub’. We had a lot of laughs enjoying beautiful Spring weather.
Val and Bryan Mayson, Brickett Wood UK
Staying at Val and Bryan Mayson, Brickett Wood UK. Pippa on the left, came to take us to stay at her first-class dog and cat boarding kennels. We were not delegated to the kennels but would have been happy!
Mandy and Rob Shepherd. I just adore staying on their farm and helping Bea muck out the stables each morning, ha-ha. Wish they lived up the road. We have such fun, especially being nominated to drive the float carrying two Shetland’s to The Royal Windsor Horse Show! What a hoot, it’s hard to believe what an extravaganza this show is. Every horse event imaginable happens on the Palace grounds and you may be lucky enough to grab a glimpse of Her Majesty enjoying the sights. I saw the Royal scarf bobbing along among body guards. Then to top it off, we had another great book launch at the Shepherds local pub! Gee the Poms love their pubs.
Hunting Hall
Helena and I then drove up to Northumberland from the Salisbury plains. A 9-hour trip. There we stayed with our gracious hosts, Karen and Tom Burn, owners of ‘Hunting Hall.’ The best farm stay in the UK!

This came about through tracing my father’s Forster family, who I knew came from old English stock. It lead me to common ground and also a Castle owned by the Forster family, ‘Bamburgh.’ Well I’ll be blowed!
Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle 2
Bamburgh Castle
Helena & Dor
Covent Gardens
Enjoying the show and the sunshine at 'Covent Garden's' London.
UK Book Stores
UK Book Stores
London by Night
London by night
Baroness Von Kohorn Book Launch
Last but not least, the Baron and Baroness, Steve and Anette Von Kohorn, friends from when they lived in Aus. They spoilt me rotten! Especially hosting an extravagant book launch. Thank you. The grandeur of their new home, where they are in the process of launching their 1881 Club, was nothing short of spectacular but at the same time warm and homely. The 1881 Club is foundered on good manners. empathy for others, world class cuisine, international arts and traditions. Steve and Anette with their generosity and warmth will make the Club a great success.
Baroness Von Kohorn
A farewell dinner in UK with my beautiful friend the Baroness Anette Von Kohorn.
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